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This year - Give your child the JUDA experience! 

JUDA is an innovative, Jewish, educational Hebrew-school program. Explore Hebrew Language, Holidays, History, Culture, and Community with good friends and dedicated teachers


We believe that children learn best through interactive experiences and hands-on discoveries.

Children at JUDA are encouraged to ask questions and be an active participant in their Jewish journey.

Join the Fun!

What is JUDA?
Hanging DIY Decorations

Our JUDA Curriculums are based on the most current, effective and interactive teaching methods.


Our cutting-edge model includes project-based learning and the arts such as drama, storytelling, art, music, STEM, and more.


Every lesson is multi-sensory and hands-on, ensuring that our students truly experience what they are being taught.

Learning is Fun
Children Making Star Shape Cookies

JUDA is a modern Jewish learning program that caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. Everyone can feel comfortable with our relaxed style and non-judgmental approach.

We offer creative and engaging Jewish education, for children in 3nd through 7th grade.


JUDA welcomes every Jew, regardless of religious background or level of observance. No membership or prior affiliation is required as a condition for enrollment.

Any questions? Reach out to JUDA Director

Chaya Orenstein 631-933-9638

Who is it for?
Mother and Daughter Lighting Candles

• Gain a strong sense of love of Judaism and pride in being Jewish.

• Discover & explore the Torah - the incredible history of the Jewish people & its relevance today.

• Gain an understanding and knowledge of the practices & traditions of Judaism.

• Hands-on experience & appreciation for all Jewish holidays.

• Master skill of Hebrew reading; fluency and accuracy

• Learn basic prayers so students will feel comfortable in Synagogue.

• Gain an understanding and appreciation for the Land of Israel.

• Encourage students to express their opinions and questions about G d, Torah & Religion.

Our Goals
Children coloring
What is JUDA
Who is it for?

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