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You make community

Your generosity makes community happen


We all depend on community. It gives us meaning. It gives us strength. It makes us who we are! But how can you and I create a close community when we need to be physically far apart? I’ll tell you how we can. Your donation of $72 -- or any amount -- makes it possible. Here’s how:

1. Deliver the warmth of Shabbat. We can bake, pack and deliver “Loves of love” to community members - bringing the savor of fresh-baked challah bread to enhance the Shabbat table. Standing on doorsteps in our masks, we will reinvent the power of Shabbat to unite and uplift. Can you be part of the Shabbat connection?


2. We can inspire them with Torah. When quarantine orders came through and shut down our classes - we took them online. A funny thing happened on Zoom - more people tuned in. More questions were asked. More discussions happened. We found ways to be together when the world told us to be alone. Please keep the classes going strong!


3. We can help each other. With programs like Shofar in the Park. Sukkah on the go. Zoom learnings. Personal check-ups on the elderly. 


There are so many who need connection right now.. We have to remind them that they are not alone. Send them a warm fresh Challah. Send Judaism to go. Let them know that we, as fellow Jews, will always be there to help.

Tigard Chabad Jewish Center is not funded by any Chabad Headquarters, local or otherwise; we are completely responsible to raise all funds to cover our operations.

Tigard Chabad Jewish Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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