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Chai Club

Become a partner in building community.

You will light up hearts with love, connection, and friendship. You’ll bring Jewish joy to our community and to those who really need a boost.

"Chai,” meaning “Life” in Hebrew, has a numerical value of 18. By joining the Chai Club Circle of Giving, you will become an integral part of the solid, Life-supporting foundation of Jewish education, community development & helping people in need.

Pick a dollar amount in multiples of 18 - CHAI = LIFE ($36, $72, $150, $180, $1,800 etc.). If you can give more, please do so. Whatever you can give, please know that whatever you send will be put to good use—every penny. ​

Recurring contributions can be canceled, modified, or upgraded at any time.
Thank you for your donation & friendship!

Thank You
Chai Club Donors

Thank You

You build community

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 971-329-6661