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What is a Mezuzah ?


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Mezuzah For Your Home campaign!

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A mezuzah is a small parchment scroll containing the handwritten hebrew words of the Shema.
Placed on the doorframes of one’s home, it serves as a reminder of G-d’s protection and presence in one’s life. 

Participate in this special mitzvah in the following ways: 

  • Purchase a mezuzah for your home (or any doorway within), and have it affixed to your doorpost with a special blessing!

  • Share the beauty of a mezuzah with others and gift a mezuzah to someone who can benefit!

  • Nominate a friend who could use a mezuzah.

In these precarious times, we are all searching for ways to increase the safety and security of ourselves and loved ones. The ultimate antidote to uncertainty is the mezuzah. The mezuzah is a symbol of G-d’s presence and protection, help spread its message of security and protection. 

Fill in your info here and Rabbi Menachem Orenstein will contact you to make all necessary arrangments.

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